Unit 3: My BrainPOP – The Teacher Experience

A “My BrainPOP” teacher account provides the ability for teachers to create classes, correct quizzes, comment on student activities and more. Teachers can also create custom quizzes with the Quiz Mixer.

In this unit you will do the following:

  • use assessment and tracking features of a My BrainPOP Educator Account
  • make a custom BrainPOP style quiz using The Mixer
  • use the mixer for differentiation
  • write comments and provide feedback on work that students have submitted to your class.
  • test your own knowledge about My BrainPOP Teacher accounts by completing and submitting a final assessment quiz

This unit will take approximately 1 hour.

If you do not have a personal My BrainPOP account, return to Unit 1.

Log in with a teacher account to complete this unit. 

For optimal experience, use a computer with a full featured web browser. Open this course in one window and open BrainPOP.com in another window. This allows you to read directions and follow them simultaneously.

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