Unit 1: My BrainPOP – The Student Experience

Explore the BrainPOP basics! 

In this unit, you will do the following:

  • create a personal “My BrainPOP” educator and student account
  • navigate through BrainPOP topics
  • watch a movie
  • complete a quiz and submit to a class
  • complete a “primary source” activity page and submit to a class
  • complete a Make-A-Map and submit to a class
  • explore “Related Readings” and a “Lesson Ideas” page on BrainPOP Educators
  • test your own knowledge about BrainPOP by completing and submitting a final assessment quiz*

This unit should take approximately 1 hour to complete.

If you do not have a personal My BrainPOP account, start with step 0.

For optimal experience, use a computer with a full featured web browser. Open this course in one window and open BrainPOP.com in another window. This allows you to read directions and follow them simultaneously.