OPTIONAL Assignment 7: Do You Want More? NewsELA and the Mixer

Can’t get enough? Interested in exploring more BrainPOP tools and features?  This optional assignment provides suggestions to keep progressing on your BrainPOP journey!  Please note that anything you complete or submit for this assignment will not be evaluated by the BrainPOP Educators team.

Have you heard of NewsELA? NewsELA publishes high-interest news and nonfiction articles at five levels of complexity for grades 2-12. Many of those articles now appear on select BrainPOP topics.  To find a topic page with a NewsELA article, search for “Newsela” and choose from the results, we’re adding more all the time.  The related NewsELA article will appear in a new tab, with a lexile level toggle at the top. When you click the lexile, you’ll notice the language and reading level change, but the article remains the same, perfect for personalization and differentiation. Take it a step further by making a Quiz using the Quiz Mixer.

Speaking of “the Quiz Mixer,”  if you’ve set up your personal My BrainPOP Teacher account, you now have access to the Quiz Mixer.  The Mixer allows teachers to easily create and remix your own BrainPOP-style quizzes.  You can get started looking at our support materials, or just login as a teacher and click “Quiz Mixer” at the top of the page.  Love writing Multiple Choice quiz items?, you can even try earning a Micro-Credential for your skill!

Ready to assign the quiz to your class or students?  You can assign mixer quizzes, or anything else you like on BrainPOP.  Check out the screencast to get started!