Assignment 3: Code a Museum

BrainPOP’s Creative Coding provides a platform to create content specific coding projects. These projects allows students to “show what they know,” while also learning and practicing important computational thinking skills-inherent to any coding experience.

Objective: Create a “Museum” coding project that you can use as an exemplar for your students about using coding to “show what you know” about a topic. Need a refresher, take a look:

If you want a refresher about how to use Creative Coding tools in general – check out the support resources on BrainPOP Educators. You may even find the planning sheet useful for this project!

  1. Login to BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. with the demo student account that you created at the workshop and choose a topic that you’re teaching (or that you’re planning to teach).
  2. Choose the “Creative Coding”, button and select a “museum”
  3. Add 6 sprites to your museum and make them “say” something about the topic that provides insight into your understanding of the topic.
  4. Click “more blocks” and use at least 3 different blocks – beyond “say” and “play sound.” Bring your coding project to life!
  5. You can work on your project over time, when it’s complete be sure to click “Submit to Teacher” and the BrainPOP team to evaluate your work.
  6. We will evaluate the content of the speech bubbles –  they must make sense and show effort to say something interesting.  We will evaluate the coding to make sure there are at least 3 blocks in addition to “when sprite clicked”,”say” and “play sound”.