Assignment 5: Reflective Movie Making, What Have you Learned Through the Certification Process?

BrainPOP’s “Make-a-Movie” (MaMO) tool provides the ability to create a BrainPOP Style movie. The Make-a-Movie tool fully transforms BrainPOP from a consumption to a production platform. There are no shortages of ways to use MaMO. Check out the list of ideas (including a rubric, letter writing support strategies, and more) on the educators support page.

1) In this MaMO assignment, consider what you’ve learned throughout this CBE course about BrainPOP’s capabilities and capture this in a short movie.  It’s a reflective activity to summarize your takeaways. We hope this is one of the ways you’ll use MaMO with your students!  

2) While you “show what you know” about BrainPOP, your movie should include:

–  An opening prompt/question.  You can start with any of the following or come up with your own:

Dear ____
How can I use BrainPOP for learning?
I’ve heard that BrainPOP is a lot more than a movie and a quiz, what else is there?
How is my teaching going to change now that I know more about BrainPOP?

– Scenes with image or color background and clipart/animations in the foreground that illustrate a point or process.

– A final scene that shares a reflection, application, or ah-ha moment about using the Make -a-Movie tool

Make-a-Movie launches from each individual BrainPOP topic page, so choose any topic to begin. Use search to find images to represent your learning through the image search.

Note –  this project can serve as a model for your students. However, since it’s saved in your certification demo account, it will only exist until we delete your demo account at the end of the certification process.