Program Format

To become certified, the candidate will:

  • Enroll in our online course in our Learning Management System 
  • Complete a series of online course modules
  • Submit original work for evaluation
  • Upon successful completion of the courses – candidates will receive a certificate and invitation to the permanent certification community on Facebook.

Time Commitment and Due Date

Upon enrollment you will receive an email detailing the structure of the course modules and due dates. Typically certification activities are spread out over the course of a month to six weeks and take roughly 10 hours to complete. Since the requirements are competency based, not seat time based, we cannot measure hours precisely. However, within NY state, we provide 10 CTLE hours.

How to Submit Requirements


Assignments are collected through the LMS. Many submissions are reviewed by a member of the BrainPOP Educators team. On those submissions, you will receive feedback from our evaluators including notes about any changes that need to be made to your submission if it fails to meet acceptance criteria. 


We all know that reflecting and sharing are an important part of the learning process. Each module will have at least 1 discussion question. You are expected to share your own thoughts and a thoughtful responsive to your fellow certification candidates. There may be times of disagreement – but please assume good intent. 

Evaluation Criteria

We trust you. You’re a professional and you can distinguish good work from lousy work. Therefore, we aren’t providing micro-detailed rubrics for the each assignments. However,  we are expecting that the submissions are clearly written, make sense and show effort. If we determine that your submissions fall below an acceptable level, we will ask you to resubmit. When you submit acceptable work before the deadline, you will become “Certified.”

Certification Learning Objectives

Participants will demonstrate mastery in the following core BrainPOP elements.  The certification process provides opportunity to make choices about which dimensions of BrainPOP to learn more deeply.

  1. Content: Articulating key features and concepts:
    1. BrainPOP (3-8) (including new creativity tools and Individual Accounts)
    2. GameUp (K-3 and 3-8) (Online games portal)
    3. Theories related to the use of animation and educational games for addressing learning differences
  2. Assessment: Using the Mixer to create custom quizzes for assessment, differentiation, and individualization.
  3. Assessment: Using Individual accounts to track learning with quizzes, activities, concept maps & playful assessments with Make-a-MapMake-a-MovieCoding projectsSnapThought & Sortify.
  4. Teacher Support: Harnessing BrainPOP Educators – BrainPOP’s professional community – for support resources
  5. Platforms: Understanding the scope of BrainPOP content accessibility through channels including web, mobile, SSO with Clever or G Suite (Google Apps) for Education,
  6. Training: Implementing BrainPOP’s approach for effectively training teachers to enhance instruction through BrainPOP products.



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