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Mae Jemison Lesson Plan: Explore the journey of a ground-breaking astronaut

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This lesson plan accompanies the BrainPOP Jr. topic, Mae Jemison. As students learn about Jemison’s ground-breaking journey as the first Black woman to go to space, they discover SEL traits that led t...

Long O Lesson Plan: Scavenger Hunt!

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In this lesson plan, adaptable for grades K-3, students watch the BrainPOP Jr. movie Long O and explore related resources to learn about the long “o” sound and what letter combinations produce this so...

Habiwhat? Lesson Plan: Podcasting About Animals and Their Habitats

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In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades K-3, students use BrainPOP Jr. resources to explore habitats. They will identify animals belonging to specific habitats, and create podcasts describi...