Common Core and Digital Games

Common Core, Digital Games and Classroom, Inc.

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Can digital games engage students while helping them develop their reading comprehension skills? Join us and guests Kathy Yu Burek and Anne Richards for a look at how Classroom, Inc.’s The Sports Netw...

Discovering Digital Tools for Learning With

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Pinpointing the best digital tools for your students can be pretty overwhelming. Thankfully, there’s, a free service from the non-profit Common Sense Media. Through rigorous ratings and p...
Ethical Decision Making

Developing Ethical Decision-Making Through Play

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Can a game teach children to navigate ethical minefields? Scot Osterweil (of MIT Education Arcade) and Peter Stidwill (Learning Games Network) designed Quandary to do just that. They’ll demo this mult...

BrainPOP, Acuity and 21st Century Skills

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The 21st Century Skills initiative is at the heart of the Common Core State Standards. With the arrival of the Common Core State Standards, students in Grades K-12 are entering a new era of learning t...
Educational Games

Educational Games and Engaging Students With GameUp: Battleship Numberline

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In this educational games webinar, Director of BrainPOP Educators, Allisyn Levy, welcomes Dixie Ching of Numbaland for a discussion of the award-winning math game, Battleship Numberline. Visit GameUp ...
Artful Thinking Routines

Artful Thinking Routines With the DIA Art Center’s April Lee

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Designed for educators of all disciplines, this webinar focuses on the Artful Thinking Routines - a group of protocols designed by Harvard researchers to help people think deeply about artwork. We’ll ...

BrainPOP Webinar Library

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Available on Demand Overview Webinar: Distance Learning with BrainPOP Jr. (Grades K-3) Join the BrainPOP Educators team as they guide you though all that BrainPOP Jr. has to offer--including and b...
Middle School Science Game Changer

Game Changer: Transforming Middle School Science

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Get a sneak peek at a groundbreaking new title from leading games creator Second Avenue Learning! They're currently at work on a collaborative, multiplayer game designed to teach middle school science...
Scientific Illustrations Video

Getting Creative: Scientific Illustrations & Other Projects

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All the way from Shanghai, we welcome Laura Brown, a high school science teacher, for this webinar on scientific illustrations and other creative projects. Find out how she and her students use BrainP...
Circulatory System obstacle course

Circulatory System Obstacle Course

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Get your students up and moving with this Circulatory System obstacle course! Watch a BrainPOP Educator, Ms. McRae, take her students on an obstacle course through the heart's circulatory system and e...