Quiz Mixer

Differentiation, Genetics and Test Prep: More Creative Use of the BrainPOP Mixer

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

For years BrainPOP educators have been asking for the ability to modify and create their own BrainPOP quizzes to differentiate for various groups of students.  Now, with the introduction of the BrainP...

Little Ben Image Handout

Posted by allisyn on

Describe this image of Little Ben using adjectives and the past simple of the verb to be (was/were)....
presidential inaugurations

Guest Blogger: Todd LaVogue and His Students Take Field Trip to the Presidential Inauguration

Posted by cemignano on

You might remember Todd LaVogue from his guest blog post back in September. He continues to do incredible projects with his students and was able to organize and complete a field trip for 38 students ...
Game Guide for Teachers

Argument Wars Game Guide for Teachers

Posted by cemignano on

Use this Argument Wars game guide for teachers to understand about the game and enhance your students' learning experience while playing it....

EdSurge Turns Two!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

With a witty, thoughtful and objective writing style, our friends over at EdSurge have spent the last 2 years developing the "go to" newsletters and website for the latest and greatest developments in...

BrainPOP Expert Certificate

Posted by Laura Gatto on

Acknowledge those superstar students and BrainPOP users with a Moby-approved BrainPOP Expert Certificate. ...
English Game

Quandary Ethics and English Game: Opinion Tracker

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Download this PDF to help students organize their thinking while playing the award-winning English game, Quandary....

Treefrog Treasure: Preparing for Play

Posted by Dana Burnell on

Make sure you introduce the concepts of both fractions and number lines to your students prior to the Treefrog Treasure game, in order to reduce their learning curve....

Diabetic Dog Background Information About Diabetes

Posted by Dana Burnell on

It may be helpful for you as the teacher to introduce Diabetic Dog background information about insulin and diabetes before introducing the game to students, and select beforehand which information yo...

The Diabetic Dog Game: Preparing for Play

Posted by Dana Burnell on

Many of your students will know someone with diabetes.  Have a discussion before and after Diabetic Dog game play, to be sure students connect diabetes to both insulin and diet.  Encourage students to...