Free Math Games

Math Snacks: Free Math Games and Animations from NMSU and GameUp!

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Drs. Karen Trujillo and Barbara Chamberlin of New Mexico State University introduce Math Snacks, a collection of free math games and animations designed to address math learning gaps in grades 5-7. Wa...
Quandary Assessment

Quandary Assessment Ideas

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Quandary is a great springboard for discussion, so plan to leave a chunk of time for this at the end of the session. We've provided several assessment ideas in the form of sample questions and areas f...

Guts and Bolts Common Misconceptions

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Guts and Bolts game players should understand that the human body’s interconnected organ systems are much more complicated than that of Moby’s Robot. When labeling the heart, students should understan...

Treefrog Treasure Differentiation Strategies

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The Treefrog Treasure game is a great tool for differentiation strategies, automatically adjusting to students’ performance and providing appropriate levels of mathematical complexity. The first few l...

BrainPOP Webinar Library

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Available on Demand Overview Webinar: Distance Learning with BrainPOP Jr. (Grades K-3) Join the BrainPOP Educators team as they guide you though all that BrainPOP Jr. has to offer--including and b...

Fractions on a Number Line Lesson Ideas: The Pearl Diver Game

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In these number line lesson ideas which are adaptable for grades 3-8, students play an online math game to practice identifying, comparing, and ordering fractions on a number line....

Combining Numbers Lesson Plan: Monster School Bus Game

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In this combining numbers lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 1-5, students will use the fun Monster School Bus online math game to practice creating number combinations (such as whole numbers ...
brainpop educators has a new look

BrainPOP Educators Has a New Look

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BrainPOP Educators has a new look! We've simplified our homepage to provide you with the most useful resources and information - from our favorite "featured resources" to direct access to lesson plans...

BizWorld 4.0 Has Arrived

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Our friends at BizWorld have recently revised their program! We were pleased to share their exciting resources for Global Entrepreneurship Week back in November, and they’ve now made their program bet...

5 Great Uses for BrainPOP’s Earth Awareness April Spotlight

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Here are 5 ways to shine April's BrainPOP spotlights Earth Awareness and Money Matters into your classroom. 1) April 22nd is Earth Day - have students explore the entire Earth Awareness Spotlight p...