Sortify Game Tips and Tricks

Sortify Game: Tips and Tricks

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You can use the following Sortify game tips and tricks to enhance student learning as they play the game, and to encourage awareness during play. Observe which bucket labels students are choosing a...

Research Resources

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Welcome to BrainPOP's Research Resources This section highlights research, white papers, and case studies related to the integration and design of BrainPOP. Interested in being part of future researc...
Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram

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Comparing and contrasting has never been outlined more humorously than by using the Tim and Moby Venn Diagram. Use this graphic organizer to find and record similarities and differences between two th...
Outline Your Thoughts!

Outline Your Thoughts

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This outline graphic organizer is the perfect prewriting or knowledge testing tool. Students can organize their thoughts and details before starting to draft a piece of writing, or for later use when ...

Ethics Lesson Plan: Determing What is Right and Solving Conflicts

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In this ethics lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 3-12, students will use BrainPOP resources to explore the basics of ethics and morality. They will reflect on how we determine what is right ...
Blended Lesson Plans and Games!

Using Games in Blended Lesson Plans

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Want to make your mark as a blended educator, using web-based games to enhance students' learning? Look no further than the fast-evolving world of using Digital Games Based Learning in the classroom. ...

Beginning Vocabulary Activities Learning Strategy

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The following is a series of activities to teach themed vocabulary to beginners. For each of these games, you must have either a picture to represent each new word, or realia. Considering students’ ...

Total Physical Response Learning Strategy

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Total Physical Response (TPR) activities are great to do with beginning language learners since students are able to demonstrate understanding of language before they’re able to produce it. Here ar...
esl image handout

The Four BrainPOP ESL Characters

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This printable has images of the four BrainPOP ESL characters: Ed, Nikki, Moby, and Ben. It can be used as prompts to practice pronouns, the verb to be, adjectives, and simple sentences....
Common Core-Aligned

Common Core-Aligned BrainPOP and GameUp Content

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Much of our BrainPOP content has been designed with the Common Core State Standards in mind. This screencast shares some examples of Common Core-aligned content that can help students achieve! Visit t...