Teaching with Games

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Teaching with games "allows me to hit multiple learning styles in the same lesson in a much easier way than the normal classroom environment." ~David McG, from Best Practices for Using Games & Sim...

Activity Page Answer Keys

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We recently made some changes to simplify our registration process for BrainPOP Educators. The lesson plans and resources on BrainPOP Educators exist just as they always have, but you no longer need t...
Interactive Whiteboard Ideas

Tips for Using BrainPOP with an Interactive Whiteboard

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This list contains over three dozen ideas for using BrainPOP content on your interactive whiteboard. Have more ideas yourself?  Be sure to share in the comments section below!...
Educational Games

Educational Games and Engaging Students With GameUp: Battleship Numberline

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In this educational games webinar, Director of BrainPOP Educators, Allisyn Levy, welcomes Dixie Ching of Numbaland for a discussion of the award-winning math game, Battleship Numberline. Visit GameUp...
Mine Shaft Math Game Graphic Organizer

Mine Shaft Math Game: Graphic Organizer

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Download this math game PDF to help students organize their thinking while playing the Lure of the Labyrinth: Mine Shaft game. You can find more ideas for supporting student learning with this game i...
Social Studies game worksheet!

Supreme Decision Social Studies Game Worksheet

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Check out this Supreme Decision Social Studies game worksheet!...
PowerPoint Game Sheet

Court Quest PowerPoint Game Sheet

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Check out this Court Quest PowerPoint Game Sheet!...

Guts and Bolts Essential Questions

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What are the main functions of the human body's organs? How can organ systems function interdependently? What does it mean to test a hypothesis? These are three essential questions we recomm...

Organs and Body Systems Lesson Plan: The Guts and Bolts Game

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In this organs and body systems lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 6-8, students use BrainPOP resources to explore the primary functions of various body systems. Students will also explore the...

BrainPOP in Mooresville NC – a Video from EdWeek

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Mooresville North Carolina has gotten national publicity for their successful implementation of a one-to-one laptop program. So we were thrilled to see that BrainPOP was featured in a video about Moor...