New to GameUp: Refraction

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There's a new math and science game available on GameUp! In Refraction, students in grades 4-8 have the opportunity to explore light refraction and apply knowledge of fractional concepts during online...
Horizon K12

Hot Off the Press – Horizon Report K12 Edition: 2012

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BrainPOP’s Vice President of 21st Century Learning, Dr. Kari Stubbs, is a member of the  Horizon K12 Board. We’re excited to share that the 2012 edition of the Horizon K12 report was just released thi...
Webcast with NASA

BrainPOP and the JASON Project Invite you to Fly to Jupiter on May 31st! Join a Live Event with NASA Engineer Tracy Drain!

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 Live Web Q&A with NASA Systems Engineer Tracy DrainThursday, May 3110:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm & 6:30pm EasternPrograms presented by the JASON Project, our newest BrainPOP Partner on GameUp!&nbsp...

Our latest video case study: Digital game DESIGN in the classroom!

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We're thrilled to release the newest addition to the series of video case studies put out with our partners at the Joan Ganz C...
The Space Shuttle comes to NYC!

The Space Shuttle comes to NYC!

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Gasps of excitement filled the BrainPOP offices this morning as the Space Shuttle (atop a 747) flew past our windows! Everyone was standing by the windows, mouths wide, with the cameras in hand! In ce...
STEM Game Challenge

National STEM Video Game Challenge Extension

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Great news!  The National STEM Video Game Challenge has just announced that they are extending the contest’s deadline to March 23rd.  As part of the Digital Promise Initiative, the Challenge aims to i...

Visiting a Robotics Team in Action

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Think back to your own elementary school days. Could you have designed an innovative solution that preserved food and reduced contamination? How about a robot that conquered a set of pre-determined mi...
BrainPOP educator

Teacher, Game Designer and BrainPOP Educator, Adam Coccari

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This Wednesday at 6:30 PM ET, we welcome back to our webinar series BrainPOP educator extrodinaire Adam Coccari.  Not only is Adam working with his students to prepare games for the National STEM chal...

Webinar Alert: Inspiring Through Game Design with Globaloria

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Join us for Wednesday's webinar at 4:30PM ET. At BrainPOP we’re committed to providing high quality games not only through GameUp but by supporting game design projects in multiple education settin...
food fight

Food Fight Feedback!

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Students, teachers, gamers young and old are loving Food Fight, GameUP's newest offering that explores ecosystems and food chains! We were thrilled to receive this feedback from Ray Hopkin, a ...