Brown v. Board of Education Lesson Plan: Compare and Contrast with Plessy vs. Ferguson

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In this lesson plan, students learn about the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case and conduct a comparison to the judgements in Plessy v. Ferguson.   ...
March Spotlights

March Spotlights

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March’s spotlights include Women’s History and The Law, so be sure to check out our featured movies and resources throughout the month! Ladies first... for this month’s first spotlight, Women’s His...

New on BrainPOP Jr: Iroquois!

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You've been asking for it, so it's with great pride that we present to you our newest topic page, Iroquois! In this Social Studies movie, Annie and Moby introduce the culture, customs, traditions, and...
Rosa Parks

100 Years Ago Today, Rosa Parks was Born.

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100 years ago today, February 4th 1913, Rosa Parks was born. Her courage helped spark the civil rights movement- and she remains a central figure in a defining moment of 20th century US history. To...
teach about holidays

5 Ideas for Using BrainPOP to Teach about Holidays

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A new lesson ideas resource has been added to BrainPOP Educators! In it, you'll find five unique ways that BrainPOP can be used to teach about holidays all year long. These ideas go beyond simple cele...

Get Your Game On for the Presidential Election!

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The presidential election is just around the corner and GameUp has quite a few games that will engage your students while learning about the election process. With a special election edition of “Budge...
presidential election

Less Than Two Weeks Until the Presidential Election

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There is no doubt that the country is buzzing in anticipation of this years hotly contested Presidential Election. Help your students understand issues and consider possibilities by exploring BrainPOP...
presidential debate

Preparing for the 3rd Presidential Debate with BrainPOP

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Preparing your students for tonight's 3rd and final presidential debate? Remember, BrainPOP has a plethora of resources for you to use in the classroom. Check out our election spotlight movies, our...
election-themed brainpop movies

Election-Themed BrainPOP Movies

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Looking for some election-themed BrainPOP movies?  Our upcoming featured movies are the perfect tools for teaching students about the presidential election process.  From politics to presidents we’ve ...
election spotlights

BrainPOP’s Election Spotlight and Upcoming Events

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This month BrainPOP’s spotlight is "Elections", and we at BrainPOP educators are excited to help share the best online resources for engaging students in the 2012 campaign! These election spotlights i...