Game Guide for Teachers

Argument Wars Game Guide for Teachers

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Use this Argument Wars game guide for teachers to understand about the game and enhance your students' learning experience while playing it....
Argument Wars Case Tracker

Argument Wars Case Tracker

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Use the Case Tracker graphic organizer to help students keep track of each of opposing viewpoints in the arguments presented during game play. This document was created by the game's publisher, iCivi...
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Law Craft Game Play Strategies

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Activating Prior Knowledge: Students can play and learn from the Law Craft game without any pre-teaching. However, they may get more out of the game if they have some background knowledge and game pl...
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Branches of Power Assessment Ideas

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This game helps students see how the branches of power are interrelated. Use the following questions to spark discussion on the Branches of Power game as to what students learned about the legislative...
iCivics Social Studies Game

Argument Wars Social Studies Game: Preparing for Play

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Learners will get more out of the Argument Wars social studies game if they are familiar with the rights contained in the Bill of Rights and in other amendments. It would also be best if they understa...
Ethics and English Game

Quandary: Preparing to Play & Guiding Questions (with ELL Support)

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Before playing this ethics and English game, ask if students are familiar with the word "Quandary"? You may want to start the session by asking: “Do you know what the game’s title means? What is a...
presidential debate

Preparing for the 3rd Presidential Debate with BrainPOP

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Preparing your students for tonight's 3rd and final presidential debate? Remember, BrainPOP has a plethora of resources for you to use in the classroom. Check out our election spotlight movies, our...
election spotlights

BrainPOP’s Election Spotlight and Upcoming Events

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This month BrainPOP’s spotlight is "Elections", and we at BrainPOP educators are excited to help share the best online resources for engaging students in the 2012 campaign! These election spotlights...

iCivics Success!

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The popularity of gaming in the classroom is rapidly growing and more studies are proving that it’s not just fun, it actually helps students learn! iCivics, the developer of GameUp games Supreme Dec...

Branches of Power Social Studies Game

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Visit the Lesson Ideas page to find resources for Branches of Power, a free online civics and social studies game....