Oncology Lesson Plan: Cancer Identification and Treatment Science Game

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In this oncology lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 6-12, students use a free online game to play the role of an oncologist who must identify and treat cancerous tumors in patients. In additio...
Food Fight Tips and Tricks

Food Fight Tips and Tricks

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Playing Food Fight as a Class: Project the game onto a white screen or use an interactive whiteboard. Have students take turns in selecting species and offering one another strategy suggestions. Pl...
Getting Scientific with Gameup

Getting Scientific with GameUp

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Join 5th-grade teacher and BrainPOP advisor Robert Miller for an in depth exploration of using GameUp games in science class.  Learn how playing well-designed educational games is not only great fun,...

Invasive Species Lesson Plan: The Invasion Game

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In this lesson plan which is adaptable for students in grades 3-12, students will explore the effects of invasive species. They will participate in a game simulation in which they must stop carp (a no...

Refraction Game Teaching Strategies

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The Refraction game teaches fractions by adopting three models: laser width (continuous), flow frequency (discrete), and lasers colored by denominator. In later stages of the game, students...
Food Fight Species Cards

Food Fight Species Cards

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These Food Fight species cards help students organize and think through game play....

Digestive System Lesson Plan: Build-A-Body Game

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In this digestive system lesson plan which is adaptable for grades 6-12, students use a free online science interactive to learn about the organs and organ substructures of the human digestive system...
learning about blood

Learning about Blood Through GameUp’s Free Online Games

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Are your students learning about blood typing, blood transfusions, or blood sugar? Are they exploring the human immune system or how the circulatory system works? The free collection of science and ma...
Chronopticon science game

Chronopticon: An Online Science Game about Elapsed Time and Constellations

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Chronopticon is a time travel science game in which players guide Tim and Moby from the 19th century back to the present day. Along the way, players will gain an increasingly complex picture of the e...
CItizen Science Game Curriculum

Citizen Science Game Curriculum

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Click to download the Citizen Science Game Curriculum created by Jim Matthews of the Citizen Science Project....