Science Class and BrainPOP

Introducing BrainPOP to your Science Class

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See how BrainPOP is used to teach a science class....
Hiroshima and Nagasaki

New Movie: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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You've come to expect BrainPOP movies to explain concepts and ideas with clarity, depth and respect. These qualities are especially important when explaining complex and sensitive topics, such as Sept...
August Spotlights

August Spotlights

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The beginning of August means the beginning of the school year is just around the corner and our Back to School spotlight has just what you need to get your students ready for a successful school year...
Sally Ride

RIP Sally Ride

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The world lost a true pioneer yesterday. Sally Ride, who flew through space in 1983, died of pancreatic cancer. Though most well known as an astronaut, watch the BrainPOP animation to learn more about...
beta testers

Guts and Bolts

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Guts and Bolts? It may sound gross, but it sure is fun! Our newest BrainPOP developed game on GameUp leads students as they help Moby construct a cyborg Tim with a combination of organic tissue and re...

Earth Awareness Lesson Plan: What’s Your Cause?

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In this Earth Awareness lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 3-8, students choose an area of environmental interest that is relevant to them and use BrainPOP resources to explore the topic in-de...
Introducing Games Based Learning

Guest Blogger Rachael Tarshes Share Best Tips for Introducing Games Based Learning in the Classroom

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8th Grade Science teacher, guest blogger and  superstar BrainPOP Educator Rachael Tarshes had some creative strategies for introducing game based learning in her classroom this year! Read about her st...

NASA Engineering and Media Production, JASONlive Hosts a Fieldtrip

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With all the hoopla about virtual experiences, there is still nothing like a real life, in person, field trip.  On May 31st, students from BrainPOP Educator Elizabeth Gitz...

Let’s Recycle! Lesson Plan: Pollution and the Importance of Recycling

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In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 3-5, students use BrainPOP resources to explore recycling, pollution and their effects on the earth. They will also explain the importance of recycli...

“Julie of the Wolves” Lesson Plan: Tundra and Arctic Adaptations

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In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 6-8, students explore the book Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George. Students will use BrainPOP resources to identify characteristics of the ...