Teach Photosynthesis with the Ruby Realm Game

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The Ruby Realm is a fantastic new adventure game that we are excited to feature on GameUp! Developed by our partner, The Education Development Center, The Ruby Realm helps students construct an unders...
Ebola Movie Blog Image

Ebola Education: Establish Factual Understanding and Ease Student Fears

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Media coverage of the recent Ebola outbreak has been inescapable.  Though the images and stories have been scary, it's important not to let fear and panic spread faster than the virus itself! To help...
Teaching Science

Teaching Science and Formative Assessment: POPstar Robert Miller

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Originally Recorded April 2014 POPstar Robert Miller – an award-winning 5th-grade science teacher – hosts this interactive workshop covering inquiry-based science curriculum; the creative use o...

Insects make their Debut on BrainPOP Jr.

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Scientists have found about a million species of insects! In this new science movie, Annie and Moby explore insects and their different traits. You'll find out about insects’ anatomy, behavior, life...

April Spotlight on Earth Awareness

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Though we support thinking about the earth everyday, April is officially Earth Awareness Month! Show your love for the planet with our Earth Awareness Spotlight, covering a range of topics including ...

STEM Lesson Plans

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BrainPOP's STEM collection highlights topics from Energy Sources and Digital Animation to Electric Circuits and Statistics. Lesson plans for these topics and more are all included in this STEM lesson ...

BrainPOP’s Computer Science Unit is Available Free all Week

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Just in time for Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code,  BrainPOP has added a new unit to the technology section: Computer Science!  It replaces Computers & Internet, whose to...

New Movie on BrainPOP Jr.- Fish

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In BrainPOP Jr.’s newest science movie, Annie and Moby explore fish. Starting with the broad question of What are fish?, this movie discusses how fish are classified and the unique characteristics o...

Nobel Prize for Medicine Awarded for Discoveries in Cell Transportation!

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This morning, professors James Rothman, Randy Schekman, and Thomas C. Suedhof became the latest recipients of Nobel Prize in Medicine!  They received the award for their work detailing how a cell...

Laboratory Practices Lesson Plan: Virtual Lab Disposable Lab Equipment

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In this laboratory practices lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 6-12, students use an online interactive to practice maintaining a sterile laboratory environment. Students will practice using ...