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10 Ways Game-Based Learning Can Enhance Your Curriculum

Posted by angelawatson on

Have you been wanting to try out game-based learning in your classroom? Here are ten ways games can enhance your curriculum and help students meet standards: 1. Make repetition more engaging (and e...
Helping to Build a "Nation of Makers"

Helping to Build a “Nation of Makers”

Posted by Traci K. on

We’re so proud to announce our involvement with the National Week of Making, celebrating the builders, creators, designers, and problem solvers among us! Running today through June 18th, the Nationa...
Hour of Code at BrainPOP

Hour of Code and BrainPOP

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Celebrate Computer Science Education Week  by working an "Hour of Code" into your schoolday! Running, December 8-14, CSEdWeek aims to highlight the importance of computer science, which 90 percent of...
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New on GameUp: Code Monkey Teaches Coding to Kids

Posted by angelawatson on

We'd like to offer a special welcome to a new GameUp partner: Code Monkey Studios! Through this partnership, we're able to offer the Code Monkey game to BrainPOP users, and it's a fantastic way to tea...
Code Monkey game trailer

Code Monkey Programming Game Trailer

Posted by angelawatson on

Check out this brief video to learn more about the programming game Code Monkey and how it can be used to teach coding to students....
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Teach Coding with Robot Turtles!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

BrainPOP is known for digital animations and games, but we invited guest blogger Charlotte Fixler to share about a fantastic non-digital board game that teaches principles of coding entitled Robot Tu...
Turtle Academy Programming Game

Turtle Academy: Programming Game Tips and Tricks

Posted by angelawatson on

What is Logo? How can Logo be used to complete a task? How is Logo related to other computer programs? How is computer programming useful in real life? How might you use computer programmin...
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Puppy Adventure Tips and Tricks

Posted by angelawatson on

Puppy adventure is a game where players guide Pixel the puppy home by solving a series of programming puzzles.  Students solve each puzzle by programming Pixel to reach the goal using the provided vi...

Logo Programming Game Lesson Plan: Turtle Academy

Posted by angelawatson on

In this logo programming game lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 3-8, students use BrainPOP resources (including the Turtle Academy online programming game) to explore the popular computer pro...

Programming Lesson Plan: Program Your Partner

Posted by angelawatson on

In this hands-on, movement-based lesson, students will use BrainPOP resources as they are introduced to the concept of coding and programming. They will create short programs and sequences and then fo...