BrainPOP Jr. App

BrainPOP Jr. App–we’re on the Go!

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Bring learning to your fingertips with the BrainPOP Jr. app, and Annie and Moby! We are excited to announce that we’ve recently released our BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week app. You can now access Brai...
BrainPOP Fan Animation

The Newest BrainPOP Fan Animation, Created with Puppet Pals!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Guest Bloggers and BrainPOP Educators Eliza Chung and Jan Bird worked with students from class 1a at The School at Columbia to create their own BrainPOP Fan Animation about raising baby chicks. Here a...
BrainPOP for test prep

Using BrainPOP for Test Prep

Posted by SM Bruner on

As the end of the school year approaches, students need to review lots of material they've already learned. Why not use BrainPOP for test prep? In this new lesson plan, you'll find ideas for helping s...

BrainPOP & Intel: How Do YOU Bring Learning to Your Students’ Fingertips?

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Do you and your students use BrainPOP’s resources in the classroom … and beyond? We’ve partnered with Intel to sponsor a lesson plan contest and we want to hear how you’re taking BrainPOP to go!  Impl...
autism and brainpop

Guest Blogger Kristin Kowalski on IPads, Autism and BrainPOP

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A few weeks ago I was combing the web for information about BrainPOP and came across a mention of Kristin Kowalski, an arts teacher from Ohio.  I reached out to see what she had to say about using Bra...

Mobile Learning Experience 2012: The Future of Education

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Last week, BrainPOP had the pleasure to attend the Mobile Learning Experience a small 3 day conference sponsored by Arizona K12 Center at Arizona State University. The 350...

BrainPOP Mobile in Action!

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Guest Blogger Betty Ann Fish is the Chair of the Physical Education Department at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy and has been teaching and coaching for 24 years. Currently she teaches at the element...
Horizon K12

Share Your Voice in the Horizon K12 Edition!

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You may already know that our Dr. Kari Stubbs, Vice President of 21st Century Learning, represents BrainPOP on the Horizon K12 board. Now, it’s your turn to share your voice there. The organization, w...
Pocket Law Firm

iCivics’ Pocket Law Firm Game on iOS

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Are you a fan of GameUp? Do you love the BrainPOP Featured Movie App? Well then, we've got exciting news.  Our friends at Filament Games and iCivics have introduced the newest version of their most po...
ISTE Board

Excellent Educational Apps with ISTE

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With thousands of educational apps available today, it can be a difficult task to find the best ones for using in your classroom.  Identifying those that will engage students while staying relevant to...