hour of code

The Hour of Code – Live from BrainPOP Headquarters!

Posted by SM Bruner on

In recognition of the Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week, BrainPOP celebrated by hosting an "Hour of Code" on Monday afternoon!  This video, produced by Laura Gatto, instructional design...

Thanksgiving Preparation with BrainPOP Jr. Get Your Gobble On!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Turkey time is just around the corner and BrainPOP Jr. helped spark a little turkey tradition and fun in our classroom.  The students worked on creating a turkey using fine motor skills to cut, glue a...

Halloween on BrainPOP

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Happy Halloween! From scary costumes to sticky sweet candy, Halloween is filled with curious and fun tradition.  Learn all about the fascinating origins of today's holiday with the Featured Movie - Ha...
Teaching Your Child About Flight

Teaching Your Child About Flight

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Guest blogger Laura Gatto shares a delightful story of preparing her son to handle the anxiety of air travel with BrainPOP! In the week leading up to spring break, my 6-year-old son was super excit...
shortest day of the year

The Shortest Day of the Year – and the Maya Apocalypse!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Why are the days getting shorter? Why is it getting cold in some places and not in others? Why are there seasons? Here in the Northern Hemisphere, December 21st is the shortest day of the year and the...
teach about holidays

5 Ideas for Using BrainPOP to Teach about Holidays

Posted by SM Bruner on

A new lesson ideas resource has been added to BrainPOP Educators! In it, you'll find five unique ways that BrainPOP can be used to teach about holidays all year long. These ideas go beyond simple cele...
brainpop at home

Holiday Savings for BrainPOP at Home!

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Want BrainPOP at home? Well, Tim and Moby are getting into the holiday spirit! Now through January 15th, save 20 percent when you purchase one of the 12-month Family subscriptions. You’ll have the cha...
natural disasters

BrainPOP Helps Explain Hurricanes and Natural Disasters!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

As Hurricane Sandy approaches the East Coast, people are busy preparing for the epic storm!  Need help explaining to students exactly what's going on out there? BrainPOP is acknowledging the need for ...
July spotlights

July Spotlights

Posted by cemignano on

School’s out for summer, but that doesn’t mean students can’t squeeze in some summer learning with our spotlights. July spotlights, Red, White, and Blue, includes movies and activities to help us c...

Digital Learning Day!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

  You may not realize it, but by turning to BrainPOP’s content, you’re playing a role in improving teaching and learning through technology. And that quest for teaching and learning improvemen...