CodeCombat: Ogre Encounter Quick Start Guide

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CodeCombat: Ogre Encounter has four levels. The first three invite students to practice typing code to move the hero through each level. The fourth level introduces ogres that the student must target ...
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Challenge Students With Our Newest Feature

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We’re thrilled to announce the beta launch of our newest feature, the Challenge! The auto-graded,  mobile-ready Challenge is designed to help measure students’ understanding of a given topic and provi...

New Integration with Google Classroom

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We’ve got good news for Google Classroom users! We just launched an addition to our existing Google Single Sign-On integration, giving you the option to import classes directly from Google Classroom i...

Get Certified at FETC and TCEA

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Since June 2014, nearly 200 dedicated educators have earned the "Certified BrainPOP Educator" title. If you're interested in joining their ranks and are planning to attend either FETC or TCEA, you're ...


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Purchasing and Using BrainPOP in California

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Thanks for your interest in BrainPOP. Bookmark this page for easy access to helpful information about purchasing and using BrainPOP in California. You'll find email addresses and telephone numbers for...

LawCraft Game Trailer

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Check out this thirty second LawCraft game trailer video from Filament to see the game in action!...

New Subscribers!

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Welcome new subscribers!  The content of this page provides useful information about BrainPOP products and the features of your specific subscription type....
brainpop at home

Holiday Savings for BrainPOP at Home!

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Want BrainPOP at home? Well, Tim and Moby are getting into the holiday spirit! Now through January 15th, save 20 percent when you purchase one of the 12-month Family subscriptions. You’ll have the cha...
game design

Guest Blogger Steve Isaacs Shares Tales from the Game Design Classroom

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Guest Blogger and BrainPOP Educator Steve Isaacs share his methods for incorporating game design into his classroom.  You can find the post in its original form on Steve's blog, games and learning. ...