Video Game Model

Webinar Alert: Presents- How to Use the Video Game Model to Build Curriculum Units

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Thursday, April 19 4:00PM ET: Webinar: How To Use The Video Game Model To Build Curriculum Units Games are engaging our children both in and out of the classroom. Components of gaming ca...
Horizon K12

Share Your Voice in the Horizon K12 Edition!

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You may already know that our Dr. Kari Stubbs, Vice President of 21st Century Learning, represents BrainPOP on the Horizon K12 board. Now, it’s your turn to share your voice there. The organization,...

Webinar Alert: Play Seriously II MIT Education Arcade

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Wednesday, April 11 4:30PM ET: Play Seriously II: The MIT Education Arcade We welcome the MIT Education Arcade back for another webinar to extend our discussion on the objectives of educational ga...

See iCivics in Action

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If you've heard about BrainPOP's collection of free online games but haven't had a chance to check it out, here's an easy way to see what GameUp has to offer! In this screencast, we take you on a brie...

Game Night at BrainPOP

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Game nights have been bringing people together for generations, and recently BrainPOP collaborated with our friends from YouPD to host our very own! The evening included ga...

Play Seriously: The MIT Education Arcade

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Wednesday, March 28 4:30PM ET: Play Seriously: The MIT Education Arcade Digital games in class? You bet! Scot Osterweil, Creative Director of the MIT Education Arcade, hosts this webinar on the ro...
Supreme Court

Supreme Court and BrainPOP

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Networks are buzzing, lawyers have prepared arguments, and the political parties are anxious to know how the results will impact the November presidential election! Today marks the beginning of Suprem...
STEM Game Challenge

National STEM Video Game Challenge Extension

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Great news!  The National STEM Video Game Challenge has just announced that they are extending the contest’s deadline to March 23rd.  As part of the Digital Promise Initiative, the Challenge aims ...

Webinar: Science Class With GameUp

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Note Later Starting Time: Wednesday, February 29 6:30PM ET Join 4th-grade teacher and BrainPOP advisor Robert Miller for an in depth exploration of using GameUp games in science class. Learn how p...

Games Based Learning, Call for Proposals

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With the ever expanding list of game offerings on BrainPOP's GameUp, we like to share about games based learning opportunities that we think you will find useful. Every summer the Games Learning and S...