iCivics Success- Research Supports Gaming in the Classroom

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The popularity of gaming in the classroom is rapidly growing and more studies are proving that itÔÇÖs not just fun, it actually helps students learn! iCivics, the developer of GameUp games Supreme Dec...
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Educational Games Resources

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As teachers we know the summer provides time to consider new ideas for the upcoming year. BrainPOP Educator Jen Wagner has put together a list of educational game organizations that can help guide you...
Lesson Plan Contest

Game-Based Learning Lesson Plan Contest

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Filament Games, the developers of GameUp games You Make Me Sick, Cell Command, and Crazy Plant Shop, is hosting a lesson plan contest! They are looking for educators who are supporters of game-based l...

Guest Blogger Rachael Tarshes’s ISTE Playground Recap

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8th Grade Science teacher, guest blogger, and superstar BrainPOP Educator Rachael Tarshes joined the BrainPOP team in San Diego to share her strategies for game-based learning at the ISTE Playground.┬...
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Guts and Bolts

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Guts and Bolts? It may sound gross, but it sure is fun! Our newest BrainPOP developed game on GameUp leads students as they help Moby construct a cyborg Tim with a combination of organic tissue and re...

GameUp Games Overview Screencast

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Watch this overview screencast about BrainPOP's GameUp and discover the amazing games from award winning partners that we've curated for students and educators. Our partners include: iCivics, Filamen...
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BrainPOP’s GameUp: Using “Guts and Bolts” as a Teaching Tool

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This video documents a play testing session for BrainPOP's GameUP science game, "Guts and Bolts," while providing tips and tricks for teachers who wish to use the game as a teaching tool....
Win the White House

Win the White House!

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That's the name of the latest game added to BrainPOP's GameUp. In Win the White House, students get to experience what it's like to run a presidential campaign. Players choose issues that are importa...
Introducing Games Based Learning

Guest Blogger Rachael Tarshes Share Best Tips for Introducing Games Based Learning in the Classroom

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8th Grade Science teacher, guest blogger and  superstar BrainPOP Educator Rachael Tarshes had some creative strategies for introducing game based learning in her classroom this year! Read about her s...

Pavlov’s Dog Learning Game

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Visit the Lesson Ideas page to find resources for Pavlov's Dog, a free online science game....