iCivics Social Studies Game

Argument Wars Social Studies Game: Preparing for Play

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Learners will get more out of the Argument Wars social studies game if they are familiar with the rights contained in the Bill of Rights and in other amendments. It would also be best if they understa...

A Tangled Web: Preparing to Play

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It's useful to make sure all the students know relevant vocabulary prior to playing a Tangled Web. Be sure to teach the meanings of basic concepts related to angles, parallel lines, polygons, trian...

Battleship Numberline Math Game Teaching Strategies

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Collaborative Learning Tips: Allow learners to work in pairs at a computer while playing the Battleship Numberline math game. Pairing learners of somewhat varying abilities together can be a good w...
Ethics and English Game

Quandary: Preparing to Play & Guiding Questions (with ELL Support)

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Before playing this ethics and English game, ask if students are familiar with the word "Quandary"? You may want to start the session by asking: “Do you know what the game’s title means? What is a qua...
Video Game Challenge

Guest Blogger: Doug Bergman Shares His Reflection on Using GameUp Games in Computer Science

Posted by cemignano on

Thinking about using games in computer science? Check out what blogger Doug Bergman has to say! Doug Bergman is a teacher at Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, South Carolina. He’s been teaching for al...
Employee Lounge Math Game

Employee Lounge Math Game Collaborative Learning Tips

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Have students play Lure of the Labyrinth Employee Lounge math game collaboratively in teams or small groups. Ask students to help one another develop strategies for solving the puzzles. Structure the ...
uandary learning game

New on GameUp: Quandary Learning Game

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We're  excited to announce that the Quandary learning game is the latest game to be added to BrainPOP's GameUp! This free online game is designed to help students in grades 3-12 practice critical thin...

Refraction Game Teaching Strategies

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The Refraction game teaches fractions by adopting three models: laser width (continuous), flow frequency (discrete), and lasers colored by denominator. In later stages of the game, students...
Number Jumble Math Game

New on GameUp: Number Jumble Math Game!

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Number Jumble math game is a free online interactive developed by Play Power Labs. Players encounter a multiplication table in which the numbers are mixed up and need to be put back into the right pos...
online geometry games

Free Online Geometry Games from Manga High

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BrainPOP's GameUp offers two online geometry games from Manga High to help students sharpen their geometry skills for free! Pyramid Panic is a geometry game set in Ancient Egypt. Players have been ...