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10 Ways Game-Based Learning Can Enhance Your Curriculum

Posted by angelawatson on

Have you been wanting to try out game-based learning in your classroom? Here are ten ways games can enhance your curriculum and help students meet standards: 1. Make repetition more engaging (and e...
Helping to Build a "Nation of Makers"

Helping to Build a “Nation of Makers”

Posted by Traci K. on

We’re so proud to announce our involvement with the National Week of Making, celebrating the builders, creators, designers, and problem solvers among us! Running today through June 18th, the Nationa...
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Research Shows the Power of Game-Based Learning

Posted by angelawatson on

Our GameUp partner, EdGe at TERC  is passionate about game-based learning! They're a team of designers, educators, and researchers working together to study how game-based learning can be measured an...
Quill game

New on GameUp: Quill Proofreader

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We're proud to welcome Quill to our list of outstanding GameUp partners! In these interactive grammar exercises adaptable for grades 5-8, students play the role of teacher by correcting grammatical an...
Digital Compass

Common Sense Media Launches Their New Game, “Digital Compass”

Posted by cemignano on

We're excited to announce the release of a new educational game, Digital Compass, from our friends at Common Sense Media! Digital Compass is a choose-your-own-adventure interactive game developed ...
Sizing up the universe

New on GameUp: Sizing Up the Universe

Posted by angelawatson on

Sizing Up the Universe is the latest offering from our games partner, Smithsonian Education. Targeted for students in grades 4-8, Sizing Up the Universe helps kids consider scale with questions such a...
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New on GameUp: Slice Fractions

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Our newest partner on GameUp is Ululab, and they're bringing a fantastic new game! Check out Slice Fractions, a math game that helps students master the concept of fractions. Players must guide a w...
A-Games Project

Using Games for Formative Assessment: The A-Games Project

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

We’re thrilled to be able to tell you about the A-Games Project, a newly published study that looks at the use of digital learning games for formative assessment. This project, funded by the Bill an...
Game Play Great Talk

You’re (Re)invited to a Game Play Great Talks

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(Photo Credit) Our original January event has been rescheduled due to inclement weather. Join us at BrainPOP headquarters on Thursday, February 26th, from 6:30-8:30 pm as Jessica Millstone shares how...
This is a Map that shows what is learned in BrainPOP's free self guided online course

BrainPOP’s Free Online Course!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

BrainPOP Educators is happy to announce the debut of our free self-guided online course. This 3 unit course will help get you up and running with all BrainPOP features! Unit 1: This unit will ...