New Year, New Ideas for Using BrainPOP

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

At BrainPOP we often say, there isn't a right way to use BrainPOP, there are many ways to use BrainPOP!  At BrainPOP Educators, our goal is to share all the successful ways to use BrainPOP movies, ac...

BrainPOP Top 10 List for 2013

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Enjoy our annual top 10 list outlining special developments at BrainPOP in 2013. Subscribe to the blog and be the first to hear about the latest developments at BrainPOP all year long! 10) Read All A...

Learning Game, Construct-a-sauraus: Teaches About Dinosaurs

Posted by angelawatson on

GameUp and GameUp Jr. feature a brand new learning game Construct-a-saurus  taps into children's natural curiosity about dinosaurs.  This learning game is the perfect way for students to explore d...

Game-Based Learning Design Workshop

Posted by Laura Gatto on

"The single best opportunity for innovation in education is to gather teachers together in professional development programs that are pedagogy-centered, so that they can hone their teaching techniqu...

Blockly and Turtle Academy: Two New Coding Games Now on GameUp

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At BrainPOP, we believe in the importance of developing systems thinking in kids and laying the foundation for computer programming skills. This week, we debuted both Blockly: Maze and Turtle Acad...
My BrainPOP Monster School Bus

Monster School Bus: Additional My BrainPOP Features

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Have your students signed up for individual logins through My BrainPOP? If so, they’ll be able to take snapshots during Monster School Bus game play! MyBrainPOP is available to BrainPOP Educators w...
Social Studies Game: Cheyenne Odyssey

Mission 3: Cheyenne Odyssey Social Studies Game Trailer

Posted by SM Bruner on

Check out this 30 second video to see what the Mission 3 social studies game is all about....
Graphic Organizers

Employee Cafeteria Graphic Organizer

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Download this graphic organizer from our partner, Thinkport, to help students record their thinking and strategies while playing the Lure of the Labyrinth: Employee Cafeteria game. You can also view o...

Hour of Code Celebrations Continue with Free BrainPOP Movies and More!

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Here at BrainPOP, we're celebrating Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code in so many ways!  First of all, we've created new Computer Science movies and marked them all free for this e...
Ratio Rumble

Ratio Rumble Math Game

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Visit the lesson ideas page to find resources for Ratio Rumble, a free online math game....