Webinar: Science Class With GameUp

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Note Later Starting Time: Wednesday, February 29 6:30PM ET Join 4th-grade teacher and BrainPOP advisor Robert Miller for an in depth exploration of using GameUp games in science class. Learn how pl...
Moby + Picasso = Mobasso

Moby + Picasso = Mobasso! Liz Andrews Shares an Art, Technology and Spanish Integrated Project

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Last week we shared the adorable "Moby is. . ." project by the student at Kentucky Day School. Upon seeing the work published, Liz Andrews, the lower school technology coordinator, shared with us the ...
Creative Inspiration: Moby as Da Vinci

Using BrainPOP for Creative Inspiration!

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Liz Andrews, Lower School Computer Lab Teacher at Kentucky Country Day School (and new mother) uses BrainPOP as inspiration for creative projects with her students. In 2nd grade, the homeroom teachers...
BrainPOP in College

BrainPOP in College Classes? You bet!

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Guest Blogger Cindi Smith-Walters, PhD is a professor of biology at Middle TN State University, co-directs the MTSU Center for Environmental Education, and is a  past president of the Tennessee Academ...
Students' brainpop moviemaking

Students’ BrainPOP Moviemaking!

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Last week we published a new lesson plan on writing a BrainPOP script with students. BrainPOP Educator @ktitraci read about it and shared this amazing example of students' BrainPOP moviemaking, by her...

Visiting a Robotics Team in Action

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Think back to your own elementary school days. Could you have designed an innovative solution that preserved food and reduced contamination? How about a robot that conquered a set of pre-determined mi...
BrainPOP educator

Teacher, Game Designer and BrainPOP Educator, Adam Coccari

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This Wednesday at 6:30 PM ET, we welcome back to our webinar series BrainPOP educator extrodinaire Adam Coccari.  Not only is Adam working with his students to prepare games for the National STEM chal...

Guest Blogger: On Martin Luther King Jr.

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Guest Blogger Laura Candler was a teacher in Fayetteville, North Carolina for over 30 years. She has presented educational workshops to teachers around the country for over 12 years. She's the author ...

BETTer get Psyched Up!

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This week, our friends across the pond at BrainPOP UK will be sharing the BrainPOP love at BETT: England's largest Education Technology extravaganza.  Not only will you find BrainPOP UK on the exhibit...

Learning a Cell Cycle by Playing a GAME?

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Can YOU learn how a cell cycle works by playing a GAME?   That’s the challenge Sarah Jean-Daum gave her students – 7th-graders at NYC’s Cathedral School – earlier this month. The game in qu...