BrainPOP Top 10 List for 2013

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Enjoy our annual top 10 list outlining special developments at BrainPOP in 2013. Subscribe to the blog and be the first to hear about the latest developments at BrainPOP all year long! 10) Read All A...

“Read all About it” in our December Newsletter

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Extra! Extra! The December 2013 edition of our newsletter has hit the stands. Get the latest on our holiday offer; the slew of new Tech & Science games on GameUp; the ways we supported CSEdWeek; r...

BrainPOP and the Common Core State Standards

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BrainPOP is committed to developing quality resources and providing top-notch guidance to help you and your students meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards. Explore this collection of ...
Common Core-Aligned Lessons

Common Core-Aligned Lesson Plans on BrainPOP Educators

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This screencast describes the BrainPOP Educators approach to aligning each of our lesson plans with the Common Core-Aligned State Standards. Be sure to visit our BrainPOP and the Common Core support...

New School Year, New BrainPOP: 5 New Features

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  Thought you knew everything about BrainPOP?  Think again!  This school year we are rolling out many new features and functions that will take your BrainPOPpin' to another level! 1) My B...
BrainPOP’s FYI Feature

BrainPOP’s FYI Feature- The Perfect Informational Text Resources to Support Reading Comprehension

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BrainPOP’s 2013 Teacher in Residence, Mike Jones, shares some of his favorite teaching strategies to support reading comprehension using informational text in BrainPOP’s FYI feature. In my 7th gr...
learning with brainpop

Webinar Withdrawal?

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This July, you may have noticed that we're taking a break from the weekly webinar series on BrainPOP Educators. Even though we're not broadcasting live, there is plenty of great content in our archive...
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Games For Change Award Nominations go to GameUp Partners Filament and Learning Games Network!

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Congratulations to GameUp partners Filament Games and Learning Games Network for their nominations in the "Best Gameplay" category at the annual Games for Change awards this June. LGN's game,  Quanda...
fact and opinion

Fact and Opinion – A New Topic on BrainPOP to Support the Common Core State Standards

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Tim and Moby break down how to distinguish between truth and opinion in BrainPOP’s newest movie, Fact and Opinion. Students are presented with the concept that facts are supported by evidence that c...