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Focusing on FYIs

Posted by jglassman on

Do your students always want to know more about a topic after watching a BrainPOP movie? Quench their curiosity with BrainPOP's  FYI feature.  Each FYI provides students with a fascinating, high int...
Primary sources

Over 7 dozen primary sources are now on BrainPOP

Posted by angelawatson on

Did you know that primary source activities now accompany more than 90 BrainPOP topics? We're featuring archival newspapers, essays, documents, photographs and video clips related to BrainPOP topic...
April Curriculum Connections

Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Common Core ELA Standards

Posted by cemignano on

In this 3-part series, BrainPOP’s Assessment Specialist, Kevin Miklasz, shares his analysis of the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards  in relation to the levels of Bloom’s taxonom...
Primary sources

Primary Source Activities That Are Currently On BrainPOP

Posted by angelawatson on

We're in the process of adding Primary Sources to our movie topics, giving you one more way to build cross-disciplinary literary skills! Our Primary Source activities present students with provocative...
TSN2 Games Assessment Tools

Teaching Resources and Games Assessment Tools for TSN-2

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

This video provides an overview of all teacher support materials and games assessment tools for using TSN-2 with students....
TSN2 Games Activity Tutorial

Using the “Sorting Organizer” Games Activity in TSN-2

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

This tutorial provides an overview of the "sorting organizer" games activity in The Sports Network 2. This activity covers the Common Core State Standard Reading for informational text 8.3...
April Curriculum Connections

BrainPOP Refinements and the Common Core State Standards

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Like all educational content providers, BrainPOP has been adjusting to the curricular demands of the Common Core State Standards.  We've addressed the changes by creating new content, making alignmen...
Common Core Standards

Our Corps for the Core: BrainPOP and the Common Core Standards

Posted by cemignano on

Educators' Team on Common Core Standards: Originally Recorded February 2014 The BrainPOP educators team shares BrainPOP’s rich history of creating engaging and rigorous content, and how our video...

Guest blogger Courtney Vorachek Shares Her Use of BrainPOP Jr.

Posted by cemignano on

Guest blogger Courtney Vorachek shares her use of BrainPOP Jr. while teaching her students about division and meeting the demands of the Common Core. With the pressure of spring tests right around...
Common Core and Digital Games

Common Core, Digital Games and Classroom, Inc.

Posted by SM Bruner on

Can digital games engage students while helping them develop their reading comprehension skills? Join us and guests Kathy Yu Burek and Anne Richards for a look at how Classroom, Inc.’s The Sports Ne...