People Can’t Fly Storyboard Sequencing Activity

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Write captions and/or sequence the images using ordinal numbers in this storyboard sequencing activity from the movie People Can't Fly (L2U2L3)....
Non-English Speaking Learners

Getting the Most Out of BrainPOP for Non-English Speaking Learners

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Guest blogger Jill Simon Auerbach is a middle and high-school teacher of science and English in a public high-school in a town near to Barcelona in Spain. She holds science degrees from Cornell Univer...

Uncle Joe’s Restaurant Sequencing Sentence Strips

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In pairs, students match the sentence halves, and then put them in the correct sequence according to the movie, in this sequencing sentence strips activity. When they have finished, have them watch th...

Parallel Actions Sentence Strips

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Use this sentence strip activity with the movie Looking for Lucky, to practice the past progressive with parallel actions....
BrainPOP ELL placement test

The BrainPOP ELL Placement Test Is Live!

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Big news for BrainPOP ELL! Our brand new Placement Test is an easy way for you to assess your students’ English language proficiency so they can begin using BrainPOP ELL at a level that is just right ...
ELL app

The BrainPOP ELL App for iOS is Now Available on iTunes!

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You’ve been asking, and now we’ve answered! Attention ELL teachers: the much-anticipated BrainPOP ELL app for iOS is now live on iTunes! The newest addition to our suite of learning apps gives you ...

Characters in Action: Progressive Tense

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Cut out and use the images to practice the progressive tense to describe parallel actions....

Scientific Method Graphic Organizer

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Use this scientific method graphic organizer to take notes about the different steps in the scientific method....
BrainPOP ELL on Android!

BrainPOP ELL on Android: There’s an App for That!

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There’s an app for that! English language learners and teachers can now take Ben and Moby on the go with the newly launched app offering BrainPOP ELL on Android. The latest addition to our suite of m...

Comic Strip Activity

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Write and illustrate a story using this comic strip template....