Order of Adjectives Chart

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Use this chart as a reference and activity for word order of adjectives....

Picture Prompt: Adjective Endings

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Students practice using adjective endings  –ing and –ed with these pairs of adjective images....

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Image

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Use this image of the universal recycling symbol to prompt class discussion about recycling and the concept of "reduce, reuse, recycle."...

Butterfly Life Cycle Images

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Use these images of the stages in a butterfly life cycle to explore the concept of a life cycle....
speech-language pathologist

BrainPOP + Speech-Language Pathologists = Improving Student Achievement

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Certified BrainPOP Educator Kim Thomas is a Technology Integration Specialist at the Madison School District in Pheonix AZ. As part of her certification process, Kim led a training with the Speech &am...

1.5.5 Review: Was / Were Lesson Plan

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In the BrainPOP ELL movie, Happy Birthday (L1U5L5), Ben and Moby want to surprise Nikki on her birthday, but Nikki surprises them, instead. While Ben and Moby realize their mistake, students review po...
BrainPOP ELL on Android!

Have You Tried the BrainPOP ELL Placement Test?

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We're thrilled to announce the beta launch of the BrainPOP ELL placement test, designed to identify where in the award-winning English language learning program your students should begin. For details...

Dog Show Picture Prompt

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Use this image of a dog show as a written or oral prompt about the movie Old Dog, New Tricks (L2U1L5), which reviews reflexive and object pronouns, phrasal verbs, and the modal can....
BrainPOP ELL App

The BrainPOP ELL App for iOS Is Now Available

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The much-anticipated BrainPOP ELL app for iOS is now live! You can find it in the iTunes App Store, where it was featured in the Best New Apps & Games for Kids category and as a Best New Education...

Using BrainPOP ELL In Rural Areas of Vietnam

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Guest-blogger Ronit Nitzan-Inbar shares her experience using BrainPOP ELL to support English language learners in Vietnam. An Israeli living in Hanoi, Ronit has lived in the country for the past three...