BrainPOP Professional Development is everything you’ve come to expect from our offerings: engaging, applicable, and enjoyable! Our workshops are delivered using a blended approach: each will consist of an in-person session plus customized online follow-up with support and scaffolding from a BrainPOP “coach.” Workshops start with basic BrainPOP training, then dive deeper into the themes of tech integration, differentiation, assessment, or STEM/NGSS. Upon completion, you’ll have an implementation plan and attainable goals for more meaningful BrainPOP use.  You’ll also be eligible to earn Certified BrainPOP Educator status by completing a series of additional requirements. 

BrainPOP Integration and Best Practice

In this introductory workshop, participants will explore BrainPOP’s resources with pedagogically sound teaching practices. We’ll demonstrate some of the non-traditional ways that quizzes can be used beyond assessment, and how concept mapping helps students build and convey knowledge in creative, visual ways. The session will also cover different approaches to implementing curriculum-based learning games and take a look at the related learning artifacts students can produce with tools exclusive to our GameUp platform. Attendees will also delve into differentiated task designs, concrete goal-setting, and the importance of integrating BrainPOP in conjunction with specific educational initiatives at the school or district level.
Workshop Length: 3 or 6 Hours, With Custom Options Available


Through an exploration of meta-cognition and the various ways we learn, this workshop aims to characterize different approaches and help teachers differentiate assessment and evaluate outcomes. We’ll cover a number of methods for using BrainPOP content and tools like game play, concept mapping, and custom quiz creation for formative and summative assessment. Participants will learn to better assess students’ understanding and progress through data and digital artifacts created with BrainPOP features.
Workshop Length: 6 Hours + Online Coaching


By exploring various approaches to differentiation, this workshop will provide practical applications for teaching students with a range of readiness, interests, and learning needs. We’ll consider the many paths teachers can take to reach students, incorporating specific BrainPOP content and tools. Participants will learn to tap into student choice and adapt activities for all kinds of learners.
Workshop Length: 6 Hours + Online Coaching

STEM & the Next Generation Science Standards

Attendees will participate in a model lesson anchored to a chosen NGSS performance expectation, and delve into the standard’s practices, core ideas, and cross-cutting concepts. They’ll discuss and address the importance of ensuring students in any grade can formulate questions and explore possible answers via research, collaboration, and model engineering. This workshop highlights the ways BrainPOP content can support learner achievement using these and other STEM skills.
Workshop Length: 6 Hours + Online Coaching

Customized online coaching plan will be developed with your trainer and will be completed in three months. Coach can dedicate up to two hours for full day workshop and one hour for 1/2 day workshop.

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