Thanks for making ISTE 2014 so successful...
see you next year in Philly!

We look forward to welcoming you at our POPUp Classroom and the booth! But be sure to make time as well for some of these special ISTE goings-on, including an array of relevant conference sessions and themed "Playgrounds" we're involved with and recommending.

Pre-Conference: Friday, June 27


BrainPOP & Beyond: The Endless Possibilities of Mobile Learning ▪ 2-6 pm
Location: GWCC A411

Join BrainPOP as we spotlight mobile learning. Hear all about our own apps and mlearning support resources, as well as the creative ways your colleagues are using different apps and tools. Plus, share the amazing things you've done in this realm. With our own Andrew Gardner. Details here.

Sunday, June 29


The Interactive Math & Science Playground ▪ 8-11:30 am
Location: GWCC Building A, Level 3
Come immerse yourself in a STEM environment!

Mobile Learning: What's Next? ▪ 8-10 am
Location: GWCC Murphy Ballroom Galleria, Table 36
Join Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, and BrainPOP for a mobile learning sandbox. Explore the latest in devices and content, ask questions, engage, and see the future now!

Start the School Year With the 27 Best Digital Classroom Tools ▪ 8:30-11:30 am
Location: GWCC A309
Discover new professional learning resources, creativity tools, problem-solving resources, collaboration connections, media, apps, rubrics, multimedia projects, and much more! With Howie DiBlasi.

Game Design and Development: Pedagogically Speaking ▪ 8:30-9:30 am
Location: GWCC B309
A discussion fusing an in-depth look at teaching game design with the pedagogical ideas that are inherently found within this engaging process. With POPstar Steve Isaacs and Lisa Castaneda.

Clarity Through the Cloud: Partnerships for Digital Age Learning ▪ 11 am-12 pm
Location: GWCC A411

Districts enhance learning when they engage in global, national, and state partnerships; build comprehensive cloud and professional development infrastructures; and create data-informed personalized learning environments. With Brandon Williams, Dr. Evangeline Pianfetti, Jim Peterson, and POPstar Mike Jones.

The Creativity Playground ▪ 12:30-4 pm
Location: GWCC B302
Explore the different stages of creativity, and get a sneak peek at our upcoming concept mapping tool, Make-a-Map. Details here.

Is the Future Now? A Conversation With State Leaders ▪ 2:30-3:30 pm
Location: GWCC B303/304
We'll join a discussion with state leaders from Indiana, North Carolina, and New Jersey about systemic changes in education. Directors will share victories, challenges, and predictions for the future. With Candice Dodson, Laurence Cocco, Neill Kimrey, and BrainPOP's Dr. Kari Stubbs.

Teaching to Include ELs (English Learners) ▪ 5:30-6:45 pm
Location: GWCC Building A, Level 3
Many of us have English learners in class, but mainstream teachers often struggle to adapt their curriculum, materials, and methods for them. Explore effective tools for ensuring EL success! With Anne Scatchell.

Tech+Apps for Spanish Speakers and Learners: TIC Para Hispanohablantes ▪ 5:30-6:45 pm
Location: GWCC B302

Share effective technology resources for K12 students who speak or are learning Spanish. We'll talk about sites, software, apps, projects, and activities in Spanish. With Dwight Hutson, Rita Oates, Leonid Rabinovich, and BrainPOP.

Monday, June 30


SIGML Mobile Makerspace at the Mobile Learning Playground
Interactive Table
 ▪ 9:30 am-1 pm
Location: GWCC Building B, Level 3

This "Playground" invites you to build, play, and learn on mobile devices. You'll find us there at our special interactive table, where you'll learn first-hand that there's much more to our mobile offerings than you may know. Come experience the true richness and scope of our learning apps (for all major platforms). You'll see the different ways they can change the learning experience for your students.

Creating Innovators: Educating the Students Who Will Change the World ▪ 10:45-11:45 am
Location: GWCC Sidney Marcus Auditorium
Creativity is the foundation of innovation and vital for working in a global economy. Explore individual student creativity, and find out how to engage students in creative problem solving. With Howie DiBlasi.

SIGML Mobile Makerspace at the Mobile Learning Playground
30-Minute Session: An Overview of MLearning Resources and Practices ▪ 12-12:30 pm
Location: GWCC Building B, Level 3
Are you taking full advantage of mobile apps and tools? Are you taking advantage of them at all, or are you too intimidated? Drop by for an introduction to the world of mobile options and the easiest ways to become mlearning-savvy.

Breaking Barriers: Gaming in the Special Education BYOD Classroom ▪ 1:15-3:15 pm
Location: GWCC Murphy Ballroom Galleria, Table 10
Special education students are digital natives too. Explore ways to differentiate, collaborate, assess, and learn with an emphasis on individualization transformed by BYOD and games. With Brooke Hasfjord, James Hutchinson, Ann Kohler, and Hunter McCorkle.

Tuesday, July 1


Dell Innovation Learning Lab
BrainPOP Helps Bring Game-Based Learning to the Classroom ▪ 8:30-10 am
Location: GWCC B310
Learn about the process of testing and vetting educational games with members of Dell's Youth Advisory Council. With POPstar Robert Miller; Florida teacher Ritankar Das; Dell Youth Innovation Advisor and Texas teacher David Conover; and our own Katya Hott.

ISTE Ignite Sessions 
Producify: From Gamification to Producification! ▪ 10:15-11:15 am
Location: GWCC Tech Infrastructure Pavilion/Booth 2448
Come hear BrainPOP's Andrew Gardner in this round of rapid-fire presentations, during which speakers share the ideas they're passionate about.

Making Academic Connections Through Physical Education and Technology ▪ 11 am-1 pm
Location: GWCC Murphy Ballroom Galleria, Table 35
See how physical education and technology can help your students make academic connections in the gym. Is your school missing this connection? With Betty Ann Fish.

Apps for ELLs: Leveraging Technology for English Language Learners ▪ 11:45 am-12:45 pm
Location: GWCC A302
Technology helps ELLs learn vocabulary, engage with content and develop digital age skills. Join this discussion of how to use lesson design to close the digital divide. With Lynn Gershman.


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