Educator Resources for Jacques Cousteau

Say bonjour to Jacques Cousteau, father of the wildlife documentary! Growing up in France, Cousteau dreamed of combining his two loves: making movies and exploring aquatic landscapes. He managed to merge his passions into an incredibly successful career by inviting viewers to "join" him on his thrill-seeking underwater exploits. As Cousteau and his crew traveled the globe and dove into uncharted waters, they also pushed the limits of filmmaking. New inventions, like the shark-proof cage and seafloor habitats, allowed them to uncover the mysteries of the deep. Cousteau became an unlikely Hollywood sensation as his documentaries made waves around the world. Over time, he realized that the oceans were not there just to amuse or entertain. Cousteau made it his mission to help protect the sea and the millions of creatures who call it home. He used his influence as a TV personality to spread his message of environmental conservation. What more is there to learn about Cousteau? "Il faut aller voir!"

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