Educator Resources for Tynker: 15-Block Challenge

In Tynker’s 15 Blocks challenge, students are encouraged to create a simple computer app using no more than 15 blocks. The activity allows players to work with pre-loaded characters, backgrounds, and movements to create an animation that requires logic and creativity to build. Programming commands are based on the Tynker system of visual programming blocks, which simulate basic coding commands and processes. We recommend students familiarize themselves with Tynker’s block programming interface – featured in the Lost In Space interactive on GameUP – before advancing to this more creative, open-ended activity. Teachers may also provide a specific challenge, such as “Program the lion to walk back and forth on the screen” or “Make an alien turn around and float in space” or “Write a story about the superhero and then implement it using the code.”
Image for Tynker: 15-Block Challenge

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