Educator Resources for The Sports Network 2

The Sports Network 2 is a self-directed literacy learning game that puts students in the role of managing director of a sports media company. During their “day at the office,” students will experience authentic workplace situations, including interacting with colleagues and reading various informational texts in the form of typical workplace communications. Students' main assignment focuses on preparing for an on-air interview, which allows them to review key concepts and best practices for research projects in real life. Reading comprehension skills are also assessed as students move toward the final interview.

Main Idea of a Text Lesson Plan: The TSN2 Game

In this free online reading and writing lesson plan designed for grade 8 and adaptable for grade 9, students use BrainPOP resources to practice finding and inferring the main idea of a text selection. Students will then use a free online game to apply their reading skills to a real world context. This lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards.  See more »