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Sortify: Current Electricity
Sortify is an original BrainPOP game in which students categorize and sort information from BrainPOP movies into bins representing key concepts. With the Current Electricity data set, students can practice sorting nouns associated with the electricity into bin categories such as alternating current, 120 volt devices, energy load, and energy source. Students earn more points when sorting tiles into bins labeled with more complex concepts, such as build a DC circuit. Students may also earn bonus points for accurately sorting all tiles into only four bins. Scores for Sortify will vary based on the combination and difficulty of the selected bins. Accruing the highest possible score indicates that a student has understood the topic enough to strategically group and categorize key concepts and ideas.

Sortify Game Lesson Ideas: An Adaptable Overview

This page provides lesson ideas for BrainPOP's Sortify game. The ideas are adaptable for any subject area and any grade level (K-12.) Learn how the Sortify game can be used as a playful assessment tool or practice activity that requires students to categorize topic-specific tiles into the bins where they belong. See more »

Electricity Lesson Plan: Exploring Currents, Circuits, and Electromagnetism

In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 4-12, students use BrainPOP resources to explore various aspects of electricity. Students will identify pertinent questions related to electrical currents, circuits, and electromagnetism and present the answers in a creative display of their choosing. This lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards.  See more »