Educator Resources for Mission US: City of Immigrants

The Mission US series immerses students in U.S. history through interactive role-playing experiences. In this mission, City of Immigrants, players navigate New York’s Lower East Side as Lena, a young Jewish immigrant from Russia. The mission immerses young people in the dynamic, modern, and sometimes dangerous world of New York City in the early twentieth century. As the game begins, Lena is in the midst of a life-changing transatlantic journey. She manages to join her brother and his wife in their tenement apartment on the Lower East Side, and finds that poverty has followed the family to America. Lena must work in the burgeoning garment industry and seek out other opportunities and adventures. When a general strike eventually breaks out, Lena must weigh ethical, financial, and familial needs to decide whether or not to join the picket lines with her fellow workers. The strike represents one of the several turning points when players' decisions shape Lena’s life and reveal, in turn, how the story of America was shaped by immigrants. Throughout the game, the player will have opportunity to earn badges based on their achievements and decisions at critical turning points.
Image for Mission US: City of Immigrants