Educator Resources for Drafting Board: Kids and Credit

Should young adults under the age of 18 be given access to credit cards? Some might argue that kids need to learn about credit, so they will be responsible with it as adults. Others say that kids buying things on credit will have the opposite effect: devaluing money and increasing impulse purchases. In Drafting Board: Kids and Credit, students will explore each side’s reasons and evidence. Using arguments presented in a variety of resources, students must explain whether they are in favor or against credit cards for minors. Drafting Board is an online essay-building platform that guides students through the process of producing clear and polished persuasive essays. Using this interactive, students will learn to make a claim and support it with evidence and reasoning in order to produce a structured and effective argument. This activity may take more than a full class period, so we encourage educators to preview it fully before assigning to students.
Lesson Plan coming soon