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NEW Movie: Heat Transfer

Posted by Dana Burnell on

Why do hot drinks get cold when you leave them out? Why do cold drinks warm up?  Find out in BrainPOP’s new Heat Transfer Movie. Tim and Moby talk about what heat transfer is, how it happens, and the reason thermoses really slow it down. 

In this movie, kids will discover that the greater the difference between temperatures, the quicker heat transfer happens. Heat gets around in a few different ways: through conduction, convection, and radiation. They all have to do with the simple fact that everything in the universe is made of particles, and those particles are always on the move. This movement is called kinetic energy. And we gauge the kinetic energy of a substance through its temperature! The heat transfer topic is a perfect way to teach kids about the connection between temperature, motion and energy. 


And If you’d like to create a unit around Heat Transfer, here are a few additional resources: