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NEW Movie: Distance Learning

Posted by Dana Burnell on

Right now millions of students are practicing distance learning—and we know it can be challenging! In BrainPOP’s new Distance Learning Movie, Rita and Moby share strategies for learning remotely, offering helpful tips on how best to structure your school day during this time.

The movie acknowledges that for some kids, learning at home can feel uncomfortable, and suggests easy ways to make the transition easier, such as creating a schedule that not only includes schoolwork, but resting and exercise, too. Rita reminds kids of the importance of eating well, exercising daily, and keeping a regular sleep pattern. It’s much easier to learn when we’re rested and healthy! 

Brushing up on digital etiquette is also important for everyone right now, because distance learning requires being online. The key is to respect people in a digital space just as you would in person. Rita suggests watching the Digital Etiquette as a reminder of how to behave. 

Another effective distance learning strategy is creating a comfortable and quiet workspace with all of your school supplies in one place. There are ways to do this, even if space is tight. 

Distance learning is a big change for everyone–teachers, parents, and caregivers included!  

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