Updated Movie: Pocahontas

Posted by Dana Burnell on

We are excited to present an updated topic to our growing Colonial America unit, Pocahontas! This updated movie tells the true story of one of the most famous Native American women in U.S. history.  Join Tim and Moby as they go back in time to early America and discover the friendship that grew between Pocahontas and Captain John Smith during her frequent visits to Jamestown. For a while, the two cultures were able to maintain an uneasy truce even during a time of starvation.

After Smith’s rumored death, Pocahontas was kidnapped by Jamestown’s new leaders and held for ransom. After a year in captivity, however, she united the Powhatan with the settlers through her marriage to colonist John Rolfe. 

The marriage ushered in a brief, prosperous period known as “The Peace of Pocahontas,” which reached its high point when Pocahontas  traveled to England where she attended balls and plays, met King James, and even encountered Captain John Smith again, who was very much alive!  


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