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4 Ways BrainPOP Supports Distance Learning

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

The digital nature of BrainPOP makes it equally powerful in the classroom and for distance learning. 

School closures due to weather or more recently, the coronavirus outbreak, have led to a growing demand for effective ways to teach children remotely. Fully-enabled virtual learning environments are no longer a dream for the future, but happening today in locations around the world, and many are equipped with BrainPOP! 

BrainPOP’s cleverly animated movies and primary sources build knowledge on topics across the curriculum, while concept-mapping and movie-making tools prompt kids to think critically and creatively about what they are learning.

And you can kiss workbooks and making copies goodbye! BrainPOP works on all devices, making it easy for both teachers and students to use from the comfort of their homes.

1. Make Virtual Learning Pathways

Assigning work is a vital part of distance learning. With BrainPOP’s Assignment feature, teachers can design learning pathways for students to complete at home. For example, if the objective is to build background knowledge about a topic, you can create a three-part assignment:

  1. Watch a movie
  2. Read a related article (Related Readings are BrainPOP’s digital articles associated with the topic)
  3. Take a quiz to assess understanding

Expand on this pathway by assigning a templated concept map with a question that prompts students to brainstorm prior knowledge about the topic before building background.

After watching the movie, have students add to their maps and make connections to what they learn. The concept map serves as a digital artifact illustrating  students’ learning process.

 2. Differentiate for Diverse Learners  

One size does not fit all. That’s why BrainPOP designed flexible resources that you can adapt and customize to meet students’ varying interests and needs. As an example, you can create and assign a partially completed concept map to students who need extra support or scaffolding. 

For students requiring more of a challenge, try assigning a map that challenges them to find evidence from multiple movies. Or you can create quizzes for different levels using the Quiz Mixer—mix and match existing quiz questions to meet students’ needs or customize by writing your own. Then assign to students to complete at home.

3.  Assess from Afar  

Taking a quiz on BrainPOP results in a score, while interacting with the creativity tools (Creative Coding, Make-a-Movie, and Make-a-Map) result in artifacts (e.g., movies, concept maps, coding projects)—all of which can be submitted remotely.

The scores and artifacts provide insight into how a student thinks and learns. BrainPOP provides a variety of rubrics on its Educators site to help you and your students know the expectations for the different creative projects. 

4. Encourage Student Agency

BrainPOP offers hundreds of topics across all subject areas, and multiple entry points to learning. We empower students with the freedom to follow their passions or simply meander, discovering new and interesting information and experiences along the way. 

You can choose to use BrainPOP in a prescriptive way, creating assignments and learning pathways, or you can invite students to follow their own BrainPOP adventures. You can even do both. There is no one “right way” with BrainPOP—just what works for you and your students!

There are countless ways BrainPOP can support distance learning. How are you using it with remote students? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments. 


Offering Free BrainPOP Access During School Closures Due to Coronavirus

Distance learning is of immediate importance to schools around the world closed temporarily due to the coronavirus outbreak. Recognizing the enormous impact of this situation, we are offering free, unlimited use of BrainPOP to any school, anywhere, that is closed due to the coronavirus during the period of their closure. Click the button below and complete the form. Then, then keep an eye out for an email from BrainPOP with information on how to set up your account.

We will maintain your free access for the duration of the 19/20 school year.

NOTE: This offer is for schools only and terms and conditions apply. Please contact us if you have any questions.