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New Topic on BrainPOP: Relative Dating

Posted by Dana Burnell on

Do you know how old Earth is? Find out in our brand new Relative Dating topic! Join Moby and Cassie as they explore how scientists determine Earth’s age through studying layers of rock. They’ll also introduce you to the geologists who unearthed the series of discoveries that led to a deeper understanding of Earth’s history. Kids will learn how the thin layers of sedimentary rock along with fossils are clues to our planet’s formation. They’ll also find out that Earth has been around for a long, long time. For absolute ages! In fact, scientists had to come up with the concept of geologic time to help us wrap our heads around it all.

For guidance exploring this topic and digging deeper (pun intended!), see our Relative Dating lesson plan, which includes creative activities such as coding a geology game. 

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