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Celebrating Women’s History, BrainPOP-Style

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Make BrainPOP part of your Women’s History lessons by bringing stories of ground-breaking women and events to life. 

Begin by exploring our Women’s History unit for topics featuring biographies as well as historic events that changed the course of history. Promote student agency by inviting individual students, partners, or small groups to choose the women’s history topic they’d like to learn about.

Then, encourage creative and critical thinking by having students use our creativity tools (Creative Coding, Make-a-Movie, and Make-a-Map) to demonstrate their understanding of the topic and make it their own. Here are a few ideas to get you started. All are adaptable to any women’s history topic.


An Interview with a First Lady

Code an interview with Eleanor Roosevelt, highlighting her outspoken advocacy for the disadvantaged.


First American Woman in Space: A Biopic

Use Make-a-Movie to tell the story of Sally Ride’s path to becoming the first American woman in space–helping to break the gender barrier for a new generation of astronauts! 

A Flag for the Youngest Nobel Laureate  

Design and code a flag honoring Malala for her bravery defending the plight of girls in her region.

Book Promo: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Produce a trailer promoting Maya Angelous’s best-selling memoir using Make-a-Movie. Highlight the similarities between her life and the main character. Use Make-a-Map to plan and Make-a-Movie to produce.


Looking for Women’s History topics for grades K-2? Explore the lives of these amazing and inspiring women on BrainPOP Jr.: