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What’s New at BrainPOP: January Recap

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Happy new year and new decade! Discover what’s new and exciting on BrainPOP this month.



Lunar New Year NEW
Discover the meaning and traditions behind this holiday celebrated by billions of people around the world.

Jamestown, Part 1 & Jamestown Part 2 NEW
Explore our first-time ever two-part movie! Learn about the challenges and ultimate success of England’s first colony. 


BrainPOP Jr.

Lunar New Year NEW
Explore Lunar New Year celebrations and traditions from around the world!

Addition and Subtraction Fact Families NEW
Join Moby and Annie as they learn about the relationship of numbers in a fact family through the operations of addition and subtraction. 



BrainPOP Turns 20
BrainPOP marked its twentieth anniversary at the end of 2019. Time flies! Read about our journey–where we started and where we’re going as we empower a new generation of creators and critical thinkers.

Coding for Everyone!
Recognizing the importance of the countless skills students develop when coding–from critical thinking to perseverance–we now include Creative Coding in our school subscriptions. By giving everyone access to our coding projects, embedded into every topic, we are committed to making it simple and approachable for any teacher to weave computational thinking into any lesson.  Take a peek at student samples to see first hand  the power of coding in the classroom.

CBE of the Month
Meet January’s CBE Nicole Choiniere-Kroeker, a K-8 school librarian, and read how she uses BrainPOP’s creative tools, particularly Creative Coding, as a way for students to express their understanding of topics they’re learning in the classroom.

Certified BrainPOP Educator Application 
Interested in becoming a Certified BrainPOP Educator? We are now accepting applications for our March 2020 online course. Before you apply, please complete BrainPOP 101.