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Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by Dana Burnell on

On January 15, 2020, the Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. would’ve been 91 years old. The following Monday, January 20, North America will celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a national holiday honoring the slain activist. In preparation for this holiday, share with students how King’s work as a minister and community leader, along with his oratorical skills and focus on non-violent protest, brought him to the forefront of the social changes of the 1960s. 

BrainPOP has gathered resources to help you create a unit around Dr. King, the challenges he faced and the qualities of character he embodied. We encourage you to explore the following resources: 

Jim Crow and Civil Rights topics: Present students with background on the laws that kept black and white Southerners separate in schools, restaurants, buses, and trains for nearly a century–and how King and other leaders organized to fight back. 

Then, ask students to view the Martin Luther King, Jr. movie, which is part of BrainPOP’s Civil Rights unit and also affiliated with our SEL content, under “Courage and Perseverance.” Ask students to reflect on the nature of King’s struggle and the lasting effects of his perseverance. 

Civil Rights Primary Source: Finally, ask students to use this primary source to think and write about how Dr. King’s vision influenced others in the Civil Rights movement. Conclude with a discussion on the influence of King’s philosophy, and how his words and ideals guide others even now.