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What’s New at BrainPOP: October Recap

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Witches, elections, and mindfulness… oh my! See what BrainPOP’s been up to this month!



Salem Witch Trials NEW

Mix superstition with a mob mentality, and you get the perfect potion for the Salem Witch Trials. Learn the scary truth behind America’s most infamous witch hunt.
Sensitive Content Note: This movie contains depictions of suffering and punishment endured by innocent victims.

Computational Thinking NEW

Computational thinking is not just for computers! Discover how to use this way of thinking to tackle all kinds of complex problems.


BrainPOP Jr.

Mindfulness NEW

How can practicing mindfulness help you? Learn how to notice and accept your thoughts, feelings, senses, and actions.



Lost at the Forever Mine NEW

In this challenging new game from our partner Field Day Lab, players use mathematical models to plan their escape from an abandoned planet before time and fuel run out!

Journey Through an Exploded Star NEW

Students navigate the fiery aftermath of a supernova in 3D while exploring the forces that connect us to the stars in this new simulation from the Smithsonian.

Cast Your Vote UPDATE

In this updated game, students prepare to vote in a fictional city election by researching candidates’ platforms, promises and qualifications through town hall speeches, news stories and voting records. Then they use their findings to vote!



BrainPOP & iCivics: Building Media Literacy Skills

For National Media Literacy Week in October, we compiled a few of our top media literacy resources, including the reimagined Cast Your Vote game from our partner, iCivics.

Certified BrainPOP Educator Application

Interested in becoming a Certified BrainPOP Educator? We are now accepting applications for our January 2020 online course. Before you apply, please complete BrainPOP 101.

Virtual Panel: BrainPOP Standards Alignments 

Our new standards feature–available on every topic page–was developed in collaboration with Certified BrainPOP Educators. Join this panel on Thursday, November 7, 6pm ET to hear how their experiences changed the way they use BrainPOP in their classrooms. REGISTER TODAY.