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BrainPOP Standards Alignments: For Teachers by Teachers

Posted by jglassman on

BrainPOP understands the role and importance of standards in your daily lesson planning. Recognizing that teachers like you know best how our content, tools, and activities align to standards, we hired a small team of educators spanning a range of grades, subject areas, and regions to align BrainPOP content and resources to CCSS, NGSS, and state standards.

Knowing that BrainPOP is aligned by educators–not a robot (no offense, Moby!)–you can rest assured that the standards selected for each topic are thorough and reliable.

A big thank you to the following educators for thoughtfully aligning BrainPOP to key standards. They describe the challenging and rewarding process as a “labor of love”!    

Elizabeth Frank, grade 7 Life Science, grade 2 STEM, Memphis, TN

Tracie Gones, grade 5, Branson, MO

Elyssa Kay, grade 8 English/language arts, Lincoln, NE

Kate Lissy, grades K-4, technology facilitator, Millburn, NJ

Julie Kuzma, grades K-5/teacher trainer, instructional technology facilitator,  Loudoun County, VA

Emily Silverman, K-12 professional learning facilitator, Philadelphia, PA

Kristine Skros, grade 5, Woodbridge, NJ

Terry Stoufer, grades 2 and 3, Lecanto, FL

Rachael Tarshes, Central Office Resource Teacher, San Diego, CA